Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Downing Minutes (non-peak related, maybe)

I try to keep my blog strictly peak oil related but I felt that this deserves some attention. Congressman John Conyers and 88 other congress people are asking for an investigation into The Downing Minutes concerning the implementation of the Iraq war. I found out about the petition on uncommonthought. Read more here.

Sometimes I feel like I should make a blog for my political interests but I haven't done so yet. I'm just learning the ropes with this one. So, for now, this post goes up here. Who knows? Maybe this has something to do with energy and plans to control the resources in that region. Peak oil and other resource depletion weaves its way into almost everything--economy, politics, global change, power, etc. So sometimes it's hard not to intertwine them. I feel that if we have a chance to make things right with the rest of the world, then maybe we can all work together towards a more sustainable future and not obliterate ourselves into oblivion.

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