Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Local Consumers Still Don't See It Coming....Yet

Pharos Tribune

I thought I'd share with you an article from my local paper concerning vehicles sales in my city. Looks like the average joe still isn't making the connections...yet. Also, the fact that it costs an average of $8000 more for a hybrid isn't helping.

On a positive note: Hopefully I'll be putting up a link from my local paper telling about how our city is going to be getting a new ethanol plant (it's not up on the website yet). Since we are surrounded by corn, it makes perfect sense. I realize in the big scheme of things, this isn't the total solution for all of our problems but I am happy that we might have some local resource facility that is independent of oil. I am really happy about this! This will be an $86 million dollar ethanol plant. They say construction could be completed by the end of next year and it will add 33 + 46 possible jobs in the area with an average salary of $45,000. Not bad, huh? This is better than a multi-national corporation coming in, in my opinion.

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