Monday, June 13, 2005

Take the Political Compass Test

(reminds me of the pentagram, oh well, the Christian fish symbol is a pagan symbol, too! I'm not really affected too much by symbolism because they mean different things to different people. I think capitalism has adopted the pyramid symbol and the eye of Isis or Osirus??--check out all the multi-national companies with those symbols sometime) Posted by Hello

Recently, there seems to be alot of chatter from the peak oil world about the different forms of anarchism. On ROE3, a member posted this link to a political compass test after a very civil discussion on post-peak culture. I tested left libertarian. I'm sure many other peakniks would probably test this way as well. It's funny how the peak oil concept can change your whole worldview.

Other bloggers have also been talking about it. Read Big Gav's latest entry or peak energy's blog.

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