Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Developing my own local CSA

Sorry folks. I haven't been on the hunt for many articles today because ever since Big Gav posted Community Supported Agriculture, I've been searching for local farms in order to create my own local CSA. I feel that time is getting short and I need to begin to do something now for my community. We do have a farmer's market and I am probably going to go there sometime soon to approach them about the idea. I don't know anybody in agriculture so I have to start somewhere.

Actually, I found some name and addresses of people to contact near me. I called a CSA up north by Chicago and spoke with a CSA owner and tried to get some good information about how to start one. I think she was hopeful that I would set something up for her business/farm and meet them half-way (3-hour drive) to make pick-ups! I think my community needs something closer than this. It looked like a wonderful place! She was going to have her sales manager send me some info but I have a feeling it'll be for her business rather than info on how to start your own. I only wish it was nearer to me. I called 2 other closer locations and they were out of business.

So, I think it's going to be up to me. Me with no money, no established contacts, and no know-how. It's just going to have to be for now.

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