Tuesday, June 14, 2005



I just found a peak oil yahoo group for Indiana thanks to Robert Waldrop, moderator of ROE2! I didn't even know it existed. I was contemplating making one and now I don't have to!

The moderator for this new group I just joined posted this link about interurban trolleys. They were used widely a long time ago here in Indiana. When I wrote up a column about peak oil in my local newspaper, I mentioned bringing back some form of the interurban or trolleys fueled by biodiesel. I think it would be forward-thinking and a great historical tourism spectacle on first investment! A lot of people probably aren't even aware that Logansport had an interurban and a trolley system. You can still see the old track lines through the pavement down our main street. The only way I know of these old transportation systems is through my 96-year-old grandfather who is still alert and cognitive enough to tell me all kinds of stories about the old days.

On this website, it shows this postcard picture of a terminal that was located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Wow! We were booming back then weren't we?!

interurban terminal, Indianapolis, Indiana 1904  Posted by Hello

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